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Football Philosophy

Professional Standard


The training conducted by CL Futbol is derived from a combination of European Academy Youth Structures as well as the United States Development Programs. It is designed to ensure that players are training in a professional environment similar to that of those abroad which allows our players to make an easy transition during trials or at the beginning of their careers. 


Learning Environment


If we look at football through the eyes of educators, we must see that players have to be given the tools to perform what we are asking of them. We would not ask students to write tests having given them only fifty percent of the material. If we would not ask students this, we should not expect players to perform in games until they have been given the tools necessary to achieve their maximum potential. This is why the environment created by CL Futbol is geared towards educating players in a demanding yet positive environment where they will not be penalized for errors rather given the instructions to improve their game.





Players in Canada must be weary of the environment and low level of local competition. Winning games and dominant performances against weak opposition creates a false sense of accomplishment. Aspiring footballers in Canada must always be reminded of the elite competition from across the globe who are competing for professional contracts and scholarships. With the American Youth Development system making great strides, obtaining a scholarship has become even more competitive. This is why CL Futbol believes it is important to filter the level of competition to ensure that strong competition remains consistent in order to grow and be prepared for the next level. A high amount of games against low level competition harms players as they begin to lower their level to the competition. It is more effective for the development of players to have high level training and fewer matches with strong competition rather than increase the amount of lower level opponents. 



Structure and Curriculum 


It is important for the successful development of youth players that the organization providing the training has a detailed curriculum to ensure that all the fundamentals for each player's development will be covered effectively. This is why CL Futbol provides several programs to develop all the essential aspects of player development. These programs include: technical, positional, fitness, and tactical (phase of play, functional, and shadow sessions). The curriculum will be provided to parents and players to ensure that there is complete understanding of what will be worked on each session. 






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