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CL Futbol Open Outdoor Technical Program Ages 10-16

The outdoor technical program "CL Futbol Fundamentals" is open to all elite players who are seeking extra training. The sessions will be beginning in June of 2015 for players in between the ages of 10-16.

The purpose of this training program is to provide players with an opportunity to work specifically on their own technical ability through individualized training. The curriculum put in place is designed to accommodate all technical aspects of the game with each week designated solely to a specific topic. With teams usually training on average three times a week, it becomes very difficult for coaches to perform technical, tactical, functional, phase of play, and fitness sessions within four and a half hours of training. This program is designed to provide players with three extra hours of training a week to improve their individual abilities which will in turn help team performances. The curriculum itself has sixteen topics (four months) before it returns to the original topic with a more advanced and challenging session as the players progress. The session topics for the technical program can be found below:

Week 1

First Touch

Week 2

Passing and Receiving

Week 3

Dribbling (Change of Direction/Speed)

Week 4

Turning with the ball

Week 5

Shielding the ball

Week 6

Dribbling Skills

Week 7

1v1 Attacking

Week 8

1v1 Defending

Week 9


Week 10

Heading (Attacking, Defensive, etc)

Week 11

Checking Shoulder

Week 12


Week 13

Combination Play

Week 14

Timing of Runs/Weighted Pass

Week 15

Receiving with directional Awareness

Week 16

Checking and Showing Movement

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