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Successful Hercules Showing (Gallery)

CL Futbol players have returned from their trial in Spain. The players did very well sparking interest from the coaching staff throughout all ages. It is an honor to be working with Hercules CF and providing a pathway into Spanish football.

Hercules CF academy is in the highest division of youth Spanish football. This puts their youth teams in the same category as Valencia, Villarreal, Real Madrid, Barcelona, and of course many other top academies boasted by Spain.

This realistic pathway is an opportunity for Canadian players to showcase their abilities and play against some of the best in not only Spain, but throughout all of Europe. To be able to play against the highest division of Spanish youth football is not only aiding in their development of becoming one day professionals but exposing their talents all throughout Spain.

This opportunity was fully realized by the players on trial. Some photos regarding their experiences can be found below:

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