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CL Futbol Changes Approach

CL Futbol will become a training center for all players who are going on trial as well as provide opportunities for trials if the coaching staff feels the player is at the appropriate level. CL Futbol will no longer host teams as the focus of the program has shifted to providing training sessions, preparation, and opportunities for all players who would like to further their career both as professionals or as student athletes.

For all players who require additional high level training, CL Futbol will act as the training center for their needs. It is the goal of the program to improve players and push them to a level higher than they are currently so they can perform at the highest level.

With successful showings from our last group of players who visited Hercules CF, the aim is to continue to prepare players to be successful and not simply view trials as experiences; but to view them as true opportunities.

Training will commence in May with the schedule to be posted shortly.

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