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2019 CL Futbol International Update

After our successful opening of CL Futbol International in Spain in 2018, we are excited to announce the 2019 options. After having four players train with Elche CF, Hercules CF, and Intercity for 3 months as well as having 4 players attend 2 week review periods with the clubs, we can confidently move forward in our partnerships and improve on our structure.

After reviewing our opening year in 2018, the clubs have suggested a structure that best suits our player's realistic goals of being seen and signing with the club. The options for players are as follows:

Stage One

Camp Identification: Identification camps will be held for players in Toronto, Canada as well as in Alicante, Spain during the summer time to evaluate player potential. Being identified can lead to a two-three week evaluation period with the clubs in Spain where they will train and play with their academy teams (Example: One week with Elche CF Academy and one week with Hercules CF Academy).

Stage Two

Two-Three Week Evaluation Period: Players will be invited to train directly with the professional academies in Spain during the duration of their stay. The players will receive an evaluation from the coaching staff as to whether or not they are invited to attend the pre-season in August. If players are identified to attend the pre-season, they must be prepared to potentially register with the club and play the season if signed.

Stage Three

Academy Pre-Season Selection: If a player is selected for the pre-season phase, they will be competing for a spot with the academy team. This takes place in August before the start of the season. The earliest possible date for the pre-season start date would be in late July. Players who attend this phase at this particular point in the season have a distinct advantage as the team has yet to be chosen. They have also been screened already by the club as a player who has the potential to take a roster spot at the club. If the player has the ability to sign, CL Fubtol International will help with the transition phase for the player.

Team Option

During pre-season, teams in Spain are looking to have exhibition matches to test the quality of the players they have before making their final selection. Our partnered clubs have suggested that this could be an option to evaluate many players against their current trialing players. Only teams at a high caliber will be invited to participate in this option as this is an important part of their preparation.

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