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Appointed Director of Mississauga NK Hrvatski Dragovoljac

It is with happiness that we announce that Chris Leko will become the director of Mississauga NK Hrvatski Dragovoljac.

NK Hrvatski Dragovoljac is a professional club located in the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb. Zeljko Tokic, who is the president of Dragovoljac, came to Canada in hopes of creating a direct pathway for bringing players to their club in Croatia. After much discussion, it was announced that Dragovoljac will be looking to create a club within Mississauga and that CL Futbol International's Chris Leko would be the director of the club.

There will be several coaches coming to Canada from Zagreb to work with and scout the players who are a part of the club. The curriculum for the players will be the exact same curriculum that they use in Zagreb. This is why Dragovoljac has decided to begin working with the players at the tender age of 5 years old. This will provide the players with the same fundamentals that their players receive in Zagreb.

Below is a video of president Zeljko Tokic discussing his plans for the club in Mississauga on National Television in Croatia.

Below is a picture of Chris Leko and Zeljko Tokic finalizing their partnership.

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